Tata Ace 20 Lakh Milestone

Tata Ace Story


Tata Ace launched in 2005 revolutionized the cargo transport sector in India; by enabling new businesses, generating employment and stimulating entrepreneurship. People around the country love the brand for it's durable and efficient functioning across all kinds of terrain and weather conditions.

The Ace range expanded and to include Ace HT, Ace XL and Ace CNG, Ace Mega and Ace Mega XL, Ace Zip and Ace Zip XL and the New Super Ace Mint.

The latest addition to the Tata Ace lineup is the new Tata Ace Gold, which is a homage to the wildly popular original Tata Ace model. The new version of the 'Chhota Hathi' comes with the same front fascia that consumers loved about its predecessor, but includes an enhanced steering wheel with improved ergonomics. And with an ARAI certified mileage of 21.5kmpl, easy serviceability, lower maintenance costs and a host of benefits covering it under the Sampoorna Seva scheme, the Tata Ace Gold also seems set to break new records in the SCV market.

Tata Ace Launch


  • Tata Ace, India's first mini-truck, launched
Tata Ace BBC Top Gear Award


  • Launch of Tata Ace HT
  • Tata Ace wins 'BBC-Top Gear' Design of the Year 2006 Award
Tata Ace 1 Lakh Milestone


  • Tata Ace crosses
    1 lakh sales mark
  • Launch of Tata Magic,
    for passenger transportation


  • Dedicated Plant set up at Pantnagar
  • Launch of Tata Ace CNG
Tata Ace CNG Mini trucks


  • Tata Super Ace and Tata Ace EX introduced
5 Lakh Sales in 5 Years


  • Tata Ace-India's first
    1-lakh-per -year CV brand
  • Total sales crosses 5 lakh mark
Tata Ace Zip Mini trucks


  • Launch of Tata Magic IRIS and Tata Ace Zip
Tata Ace 1 Lakh Milestone


  • Total Ace Family celebrates 1 million units sold
Tata Super Ace Mint Mini trucks


  • Launch of new Super Ace Mint


  • Launch of Ace Mega small Pickup
Tata Ace Mega Pickup Trucks
Tata Ace 2 Lakh Milestone


  • Launch of
    Ace Zip CNG
Tata Ace Gold Trucks
Tata New ace XL Mini Trucks


  • Introduction of XL range
  • Tata Ace Family crosses 2 million mark
  • A Tata Ace gets sold every 3 minutes


  • Launch of Ace Gold
Tata Ace Gold Trucks