Wide Range of Uses of Tata Ace Gold

Wide Range of Uses of Tata Ace Gold

Tata Motors | Jun 29, 2021 8:59 am
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When it comes to transport solutions for last mile delivery or distribution, the new Tata Ace Gold is the country’s best performing small commercial vehicle.

Thanks to its superior BS6 technology, specifications and offerings, the Chhota Haathi now comes with six promises, of better mileage, higher pick up, increased payload, higher comfort and convenience, low maintenance and higher profits.

Along with a compact size and lower total cost of ownership, it is the perfect vehicle for a wide range of applications, from a fruit and vegetable van to gas cylinders, water bottles and other such items for delivery or closed container transport, as well as a fully functional cafeteria on wheels.

Let’s explore some of the many applications that the new Tata Ace BS6 variants are built for, offering great business potential while at the same time providing a domino effect of social and economic benefits servicing society at large.

Municipal Garbage Collection Tippers

The size and sturdiness of Tata Ace Gold make it an ideal mini waste collection truck designed for municipal solutions, with the ability to carry large loads while navigating small lanes, while truck owners get value out of the truck’s fuel economy, higher aggregate life and low maintenance

Tata Ace Gold features a compact design 3800 mm long, 1500 mm wide and 1840 mm tall, with a ground clearance of 160 mm and a minimum turning circle radius of 4300 mm, which makes the truck really easy to manoeuvre along narrow or crowded roads that are found in all big cities and towns.

Water Tanker

Essentials like water or milk need to be transported from manufacturing or storage units that usually lie on the outskirts, right to the innermost suburbs of a city or town. The Tata Ace BS6, with its convenient size and high load capacity, is ideal for small-scale suppliers looking to make higher profits with every trip.

The ultra compact design of the Tata Ace is geared towards successful short-haul journeys.

Cold Chain Solutions

There are innumerable uses of the Tata Ace Gold with cold chain solutions, built with a refrigerated container that can safely transport products like frozen foods, pharmaceuticals or any other items that require cooling.

The petrol, diesel and CNG variants are all powered by BS6 compliant engines that offer consistent cooling. Added on is an in-built Gear Shift Advisor that optimises fuel consumption.

The trucks come with high power and gradeability to ensure best mileage and pick-up on every kind of road. The clutch, brakes and suspension are all enhanced in these new models and support the overall superior performance.

Food Trucks

The Tata Ace Gold boasts a heavy duty truck like chassis and durable truck like axles, with an increased payload of 750 kgs, offering a higher aggregate life, ease of availability of spare parts, a standard warranty of 2 years/72,000 km and access to 1400+ Tata Motors Authorised Service Stations.

This is a low maintenance mini truck that brings the total cost of ownership to a minimum, while maximising profitability from the very first day. Especially with configurations like the food truck model that comes equipped with a steel container/rack, a corrugated body, spacious kitchen and storage interiors and safety features. The technology is hassle-free, simple, familiar and long-lasting — ideal for building a livelihood.

The new Tata Ace Gold encompasses the entrepreneurial spirit of the country and continues to deliver on its status as a pioneer in the small commercial vehicle category.

Embark on your journey to entrepreneurship today. You can now book the Ace online on the Tata Motors CV sales platform.

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