Wide Range of Applications on Tata Ace

Wide Range of Applications on Tata Ace

Tata Motors | Jun 29, 2021 9:03 am
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The Tata Ace is one of the most revolutionary products brought to market by Tata Motors. The small commercial vehicle that changed the face of last mile delivery across India, ever since its introduction in 2005.

Till date, the mini truck has crossed over 23 lakh happy customers. Now, the Tata Ace Gold variants that are backed by BS6 technology, offer the promise of 6 — higher mileage, higher pick-up, higher payload, higher comfort & convenience, higher profits and low maintenance costs. That’s what makes it so ideal for a vast range of applications, such as a container for the transport of consumer goods, as a compact waste management vehicle or a food/produce delivery van.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that benefit and increase the potential of the Tata Ace Gold across these applications.

Container Solutions for consumer goods / e-commerce

Configured as a container for the transport of consumer goods such as e-commerce deliveries, the new Tata Ace power and performance to carry high loads safely with every journey, with the highest fuel efficiency, thereby helping business owners save more.

The petrol variant is powered by the Tata 694CC Gasoline MPFI BS-VI, 4 Stroke Water cooled engine, the diesel comes with a 2 cylinder 700CC Naturally Aspirated DI Engine, while the CNG model has a Water-cooled multipoint gas injection 694 cc CNG engine. An in-built advanced Gear Shift Advisor and Eco Switch ensure fuel optimisation and more savings.

Cold Chain Solutions pharma & vaccine transport

Transporting Pharma & vaccine in a timely manner under a strictly temperature controlled environment to forms the most critical part of existing pharma & vaccine supply chain especially in the current situation. Tata Ace vaccine delivery vans with its small vehicle footprint is playing its part in making these saving drugs available to remotest of places.

Cold Chain Solutions for consumable goods

When transporting fruit and veg or other consumable goods, quick delivery turnarounds are essential. With the Tata Ace cold chain solutions, fleet and business owners can rely on the truck’s high power for better speed, high torque for acceleration and high gradeability for better pick-up, across all three variants.

Coupled with the other technical specifications and internal features for added driver comfort and convenience such as a digital cluster, spacious glove box, bottle/document holder and USB charger, the Chota Hathi is designed to make timely successful journeys across every kind of road and on-road circumstances. All the while with the assured knowledge that the cargo is safely secured in the tailor-made container.

Municipal Solutions for Waste Management

Tata Ace Gold features a compact design 3800 mm long, 1500 mm wide and 1840 mm tall, with a ground clearance of 160 mm and a minimum turning circle radius of 4300 mm, which makes the truck really easy to man oeuvre along narrow or crowded roads that are found in all big cities and towns.

While the size of the vehicle is convenient, its sturdiness hasn’t been compromised, in fact it is reinforced by a heavy duty truck like chassis and durable axles. These features make it an ideal mini waste collection truck designed for municipal solutions, with the ability to carry large loads while navigating small lanes, while truck owners get value out of the truck’s fuel economy, higher aggregate life and low maintenance.

The Tata Ace Gold is the top choice for fleet owners and entrepreneurs across a wide range of applications thanks to the effortless and low-cost maintenance it requires. All variants come with a good servicing infrastructure across 1400+ Tata Motors Authorised Service Stations and a warranty of 2 years/72,000 km. It is a vehicle designed to bring you profits from the very first journey and promises a lengthy lifespan that allows you to grow your business.

Whatever your transport or last mile delivery application, be it distribution of fruits & vegetables, furniture, consumer products, bottled water, gas cylinders, FMCG, diary products, drinks, textiles bakery goods, Pharma, tent house & catering, plastics, scrap or waste management applications, choose the versatile Tata Ace Gold.

It’s now easy to book your own Ace Gold from your home. Visit the Tata Motors CV online sales platform.

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