Tata Ace Mega Xl Small Commercial Vehicle

Why Tata Ace Mega XL is worth the Money ?

Tata Motors | Aug 14, 2018 5:03 am
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Is the New Mega Ace Variant Fit to Meet the Needs of the Transportation Industry?

A new addition to the Tata Ace Family is the Ace Mega XL which is a sturdy commercial vehicle that is an ultra-reliable business transport solution. As compared to Ace Mega introduced in 2015, Mega XL is larger - 15% longer in size and with a load capacity of over 1 tonne. With a sturdy 2.1 tonne GVW body, 14inch radial tube tyres and power steering, the Ace Mega XL shines out as an ideal commercial transport for comfortably carrying cargo in both urban and rural areas. It’s worth the price and highly recommended to generate maximum revenue as a transporter.

Dominating the Small Commercial Vehicle Segment, the Tata Ace Mega XL has a Range of Benefits and Uses:

Tata Ace Mega XL - Is it Worth the Money

Can be used to transport all kinds of cargo: Being an XL truck, it features an elongated cargo box with a length of 2520 mm. This enables it to carry all sorts of cargo including crates, heavy sacks, FMCG products, pipes, industrial material etc.
Covers distance faster: The 4-stroke turbocharged motor engine enables the Mega XL truck to move at a faster speed resulting in timely deliveries and increased profitability.

Combination of high performance features: A well designed cabin, long loading deck, best-in-class fuel efficiency, power and speed makes Ace Mega XL a trustworthy transport choice.

Long term warranty: The Tata Motors XL range of vehicles offers warranty of 2 years/72,000 km for peace of mind.
Leading the mini-truck segment, Tata Motors' range of Ace mini and XL trucks have proven themselves to be the most versatile of all small commercial trucks in the market today - with affordable prices and low running costs.

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