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Why Tata Ace is the Best Tipper Truck for Garbage Disposal In India ?

Tata Motors | Aug 14, 2018 5:01 am
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Tata Motors a leading name in the automobile industry offers 2 garbage management vehicles – the Ace Box Tipper and the Ace Hopper Tipper. These attractive light mini trucks are used daily by local municipalities for the collection of household garbage. Below are the prominent features of the Ace Box Tipper and Hopper Tipper:

1. Tata Ace Box Tipper:

Tata Ace Garbage Dipper1

Ace Box Tipper is a well-designed mini truck for the collection, transportation and dumping of garbage and hazardous materials. It is nimble enough to pass through narrow turns and gullies within urban areas, and simplifies the loading and unloading of garbage using PTO-drive hydraulic mechanism that is available with two remote buttons for easy garbage disposal.

2. Tata Ace Hopper Tipper:

Tata Ace Garbage Dipper2

The Tata Ace family has expanded successfully with a launch of another commercial mini truck Ace Hopper Tripper. This mini truck has proved to be very helpful in the collection and handling of garbage from different locations. Backed by advanced technology, this garbage tipper Truck is capable of segregating wet and dry waste material directly into the diffuser. Its tough steel body and superior quality engine power of 16HP@3200RPM makes it a durable option for long term. Ace Hopper is flexible enough to get tilted at an angle of 85 to 89 degrees that easily transfers the trash into the compactor and crushes the waste.

Backed by such useful commercial vehicles, Tata Motors is leading the way in this competitive market. Tata Motors has not only developed efficient vehicles but has also extended a helping hand towards eradicating poverty and generating job opportunities.

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