Why Tata ace is the best performing Commercial Mini Truck in India?

Why Tata ace is the best performing Commercial Mini Truck in India?

Tata Motors | Jul 2, 2018 1:46 pm
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Tata Motors' magnum opus 'Tata Ace' has been quietly taking over the mini-truck market from the day it was launched.
Over the years, it has proved to be the best performing commercial mini truck in and around the country; having strongly contributed to the growth of not just small businesses and entrepreneurs, but also an entire new market segment of solo cargo delivery startups. Over 2 million units of Tata Ace have been sold since 2005, further encouraging Tata Motors to expand its Ace family with a number of new variants.

The affordable pricing, durability, reliability, versatility, fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs of the Tata Ace have popularized it in the urban, semi urban as well as the rural sectors. Its variants such as Tata Zip, Tata Ace Mega, Tata Ace Super Mint etc offer better capacity, greater safety and comfort as per customer requirement. Now, along with the current models, the XL range of the same are bridging the gap between the pick-up and the mini-truck segment.

The Tata Ace is a strategically designed commercial mini truck that has the capability to operate on any terrain and is great for carrying goods over any distances. Personified as the 'Chotta Hathi', Tata Ace has the sturdiness and strength to be used in different applications besides being a cargo truck.

Tata Motors dealership network comprises of 1600 showrooms selling the Ace variants with a total production capacity of 5, 00,000 units per year.

Tata Ace is a smart commercial truck with a robust engine powered by 16bhp @3200rpm and a peak torque of 39Nm with a engine capacity of 702(cm3), turning circle radius of 4.3m for easy passage on narrow lanes and rough roads. Also offers a maximum grade-ability of 21%, to counter Ghats and Flyover section of roads.

Its user-friendly nature, easy to use features and flexibility to travel makes Tata Ace the leading and best performing light commercial vehicle in India. Even after 12 years, Tata Ace continues to rule the mini truck segment with an extended group of multi utility commercial trucks launched year after year.
Tata Motors is now pushing the boundaries of what's possible by gearing for the launch of the electric version of Tata Ace – an innovation that will be the first the country has seen.
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Visit the Tata Motors website:

(https://www.tatamotors.com/ and https://ace.tatamotors.com) to get an in depth overview of the XL range of Ace vehicles, and make a smart choice of the model that best suits your transportation requirements.

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