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Why Tata Ace and Tata Zip were the best mini trucks for urban India?

Tata Motors | Aug 14, 2018 4:58 am
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Tata motors has fired a revolution in the small commercial vehicle (LCV) industry by introducing the Tata Ace and Tata Zip XL mini trucks featuring not only the latest technology in class, but also uncompromised service quality. These mini trucks are a great start-up option for those interested in establishing themselves as entrepreneurs. Over the years, Tata Ace and Tata Zip XL have become a favorite choice in the mini truck segment.

Tata Ace and Tata Zip Best for Urban India1

Tata Ace and Tata Zip Best for Urban India2

For improvising India's developing nation scenario, Tata Motors a leading automobile company immensely contributed to generate employment opportunities with its range of commercial mini trucks.
The Tata Ace mini trucks are strategically designed for both urban and rural India. Tata Ace has completed more than 13 years successfully and continues to stay in demand in and around different cities of India. Its high-powered engine and high torque is specially designed to pull heavy loads up steep terrain with incredible ease. It also comes with a payload capacity of 710 kg equipped with a four-speed manual gearbox.

The Tata Ace Zip XL is technologically advanced, superior, smart and safe mini truck with a payload capacity of 600kgs, and an incredible turning radius of 3500mm; bringing a transformation in the micro- truck segment. It caters to buyers needs with an assurance to provide safe and cost efficient transport solutions.

An ideal mini truck for intra-city deliveries, it runs smoothly on uneven village roads and also through the congested roads of urban India. Its efficient grade ability and torque makes it unique and allows the Ace Zip XL to rule the long highways and hilly terrains carrying small bulky loads or even heavy loads.

A warranty of 72000kms or 24 months makes it a sound investment for your business. This half-ton truck assures the durability and performance required for an increased sale.

Both Tata Ace and Tata Zip XL are high performance pick-up trucks that are easy to maintain, cost- effective and specially designed for urban cities. Small and sturdy, these mini-trucks are strong enough to sustain amidst the dense city traffic, as a container Truck deliver the goods on time with great ease and comfort. For these reasons, the Tata Ace and Tata Ace Zip XL are considered to be the best mini-trucks for urban India.

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