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Which Tata Ace Model Should You Buy for Your Business

Tata Motors | Oct 24, 2018 12:25 pm
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Tata Motors completes a decade of launching India’s most successful mini-truck brand - Tata Ace. Out of the five commercial vehicles sold in India one belongs to the Tata Ace family. Tata Motors created a completely new market segment by introducing the concept of mini trucks in India. The success of Tata Ace expanded the range creating an Ace family inclusive of Ace Gold, Ace HT, Ace CNG, Ace Ex, Ace Zip, Ace Zip XL, Super Ace Mint, Ace Mega, Ace Mega XL, and Super Ace Mint

Every different load and engine capacity. Choosing the right Ace variant that fits your cargo perfectly will simplify your deliveries across long and short distances. Owners can be assured of safety, comfort, all-weather protection, and performance of the vehicle.

Tata Ace, often referred to by the moniker 'Chhota Hathi', has the sturdiness to be used in different applications besides being a cargo truck. These mini trucks can be also transformed into rural (mobile) retail outlets, hoarding vans, water tankers, and many other innovative uses.

The Tata Ace is a good choice to carry goods over short distances whereas Tata Super Ace is a 1-tonne mini truck suitable for intra-city applications and distribution. The Tata Ace Zip is popular amongst rural buyers with a capacity of 600kg. For a heavy load and extended box space, you can choose Tata Ace Mega or Tata Ace Mega XL with a turbocharged engine and payload capacity of 1000kg.

Contact your nearest authorized dealers to choose the suiting your business type and requirements. It is a versatile commercial vehicle providing customized solutions for various applications. Over the years, Tata Ace vehicles have helped many entrepreneurs to elevate their business across urban and rural areas.

Visit the Tata Motors website to get an overview and first-hand quote of different Ace variants.

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