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Which is the best tata mini truck for rough terrain?

Tata Motors | Oct 29, 2018 4:57 am
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As India is surrounded by the Himalayan range, it becomes very challenging to voyage through the rough terrains and mountainous regions of India. With so many small commercial vehicles flooding into the mini truck market choose the all terrain mobility vehicle that will ease your journey on difficult surfaces.

Tata Motors continues to reign the commercial mini truck market with a range of Tata Ace variants that are not only technically sound but also sturdy enough to pass through rough terrains carrying heavy loads. Tata Ace signifying the strength of a "Chotta Hathi" is one of the well-crafted mini-trucks sustaining on the rough Indian roads.

Tata Ace owners are benefitted with the ease of maintenance and improved transportation services. Combined with the latest engine technology, extended body and large tyres, Tata Ace guarantees best performance on country side terrains, remote areas and uneven narrow roads of the city with a maximum pay load of 710 Kg.

In the mini truck range, Tata Zip XL, Tata Ace HT, Tata Ace Gold, Tata Ace XL, Tata Ace Mega, Ace Mega XL, Tata Super Ace Mint are few popular variants of the Ace family rated as reliable commercial vehicles for carrying goods comfortably on varied terrains with a maximum payload capacity of 1ton. Tata Ace mini trucks have proved to be a key business partner for millions of entrepreneurs and load operators across the country.

Increase revenue and elevate your business by choosing a suitable cargo mini truck that is capable of handling different load and road conditions. Tata Motors has the widest service network with 1600 service points and a workshop at every 50km. So you need not worry about the breakdowns ever faced due to bad terrains or severe weather conditions.

By launching such powerful Tata Ace mini trucks, Tata Motors strongly contributes to the growth of many entrepreneurs and small scale businesses in India.

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