Tata Ace Mega Xl Mini Truck

What is the price of Tata Ace Mega XL in Mumbai?

Tata Motors | Oct 24, 2018 12:20 pm
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Tata Motors is constantly on the brink of providing better quality and service to the country. This inspired the company to launch Tata Ace Mega XL in the mini truck segment. As the name suggests the XL size features an extended cargo box with a considerable loading capacity of over 1tonne.


Easy Installments and Loan Facility:

The Tata Ace Mega XL mini-truck can be purchased in easy installments. There are a lot of loans available for it. The price is customer friendly in contrast to its competitors. Its amazing features, specifications and cost effectiveness makes it an exceptional cargo loader in the market; and it has received top-notch reviews from all its users so far.

Tata motors developed Mega XL to provide easy accessibility while passing through narrow and rough urban and rural roads. Its unique wheel base of 2,250 mm clubbed with turbocharged engine and power steering helps the mini truck to hold back immediately even while driving at a top speed. Ace Mega XL is born to rule all kinds of terrain.
The launch of Ace Mega XL generated employment opportunities amongst the business groups and simplified the transport process at a lower cost.

Available in a wide range of attractive colors and featuring many user friendly features, the Ace Mega XL is a sensible choice that you can be sure of purchasing with easy installments and low maintenance cost.

Contact the respective dealers in your city for the accurate on road price of Tata Ace Mega XL.

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