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What are the loading capacity of Tata Ace Mini Trucks?

Tata Motors | Oct 24, 2018 12:19 pm
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Starting with the revolutionary Tata Ace mini truck, we have introduced an entire series of high performance commercial vehicles with powerful engines, evenbetter payload capacities and many moreoutstanding technicalfeaturesthat have helped the Ace family to dominate in the prevailing competitive market.

For a better understanding of our range of mini-trucks, here is a load capacity comparison of all the Tata Ace variants:

1. Tata Ace HT:

The standard Ace HT is powered by an 11.3 KW@3200r/min (16HP) with an engine capacity of 702cc. The payload capacity is 710 kg which is more than Ace Zip and Ace Zip XL. Tata Ace HT is best fitted for rural areas fortransporting goods over short distances.

2. Tata Ace XL:
TheAce XL is a step above theAce HT, AceZip and Ace Zip XL, with an 702cc engine, and a payload capacity of 710 kg. Moreover,the Ace XL has a 15% longer load bodycompared to its predecessor, the Tata Ace, which created new benchmarks inthe cargoindustry.

3. Tata Ace Mega:
'Life MeinKaamyabi aur bhi Mega' – the Ace Mega'stagline says it all really. Featuring 4th generation DICOR engine and providing super power of 30 KW (40HP), the Ace Mega gives you a payload capacity of a solid 1 tonne. It is an ideal compact mini-truck for fast speeds and solid durability.

4. Tata Ace Mega XL:
We developed the Ace Mega XL in the small commercial vehicle segment with an extended body length of 8.2 feet and a payload capacity of 1000kg.The Ace Mega XL is suitable for all road types and perfect for transporting heavy loads over a long distance.

5. Tata Super Ace Mint:
Slightly superior to the Ace Mega and Ace XL,the Tata Super Ace Mint is a last mile cargo mini-truck with a load bodylength of 8.7 feet and a payload capacity of 1000kg (1 tonne). Powered by a 1396cc engine,it has a top speed of 80 kmph for fast turnaround times. It is one of the best mini-trucks among the Ace family, and highly suitable for both expresstransportation and for conversion into a food truck model.

6. Tata Ace Zip XL:
We launched the Ace Zip XL in 2017, further extending the Ace platform with a bigger variant of our successful Zip mini-truck, featuring an 15% longer loadbody (6.3ft) for higher earnings.The pay load capacity of Ace Zip XL is 600kg.

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