What are the Exterior Specifications and Ground Clearance of Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX?

What are the Exterior Specifications and Ground Clearance of Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX?

Tata Motors | Nov 26, 2021 8:33 am
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What are the Exterior Specifications and Ground Clearance of Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX

For more than 15 years, the Tata Ace has stood alongside entrepreneurs, fleet owners and drivers, with the most dependable and profitable performances. In this time, various models of the mini truck have been introduced to the market, with updated offerings that deliver better benefits, higher profits and increased savings. The Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is one such variant, offered at the affordable price point of Rs. 3.99 lakhs with a low EMI of Rs. 7500, that allows customers to expand their business, without thinking twice! 

Some of the USPs of the vehicle include its power-packed engine that delivers 18.38 kw and 55 NM pick-up for faster and more reliable journeys, a Gear Shift Advisor that adds to fuel savings and improves efficiency, a digital display cluster and USB charger for enhanced connectivity. Read on, to discover in detail about its exterior specifications as well as ground clearance - two important aspects that determine vehicle size and mobility.

Exterior Specifications

The Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is 3800 mm in length, 1500 mm in width, with a wheelbase of 2100 mm that makes it a more stable and comfortable ride, especially at higher speeds. The minimum turning circle radius is 4300 mm, which means the vehicle can be manoeuvred with ease, especially with the 145R12 LT 8PR RADIAL tyres that it sits on. The entire vehicle weighs 1510 kg, allowing for a high payload, reinforced by a heavy-duty chassis. 

Ground Clearance

The Ground Clearance of the mini truck is 160 mm. This lets the driver overcome every kind of terrain without damaging its underside, even in a fully loaded condition. As for the cargo box, it is of the Low Deck and Flat Bed type, as per customer needs, with spacious dimensions of 2200 mm X 1490 mm X 300 mm.

Beyond the external elements and key features, the Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX also boasts top internal specifications like a single plate dry friction diaphragm type clutch and disc and drum brakes. But that’s not all! A 2 year/72,000 km warranty with long service intervals and easy access to ensures your prized new asset remains secure while keeping maintenance costs minimum.

The Tata Ace models all share commonalities in their basic build, design and functionalities. However, each brings its own advantages too. Another recent variant that is hugely popular for its high mileage, uptime and earning advantage is the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus. With Tata Motors, you will always be presented with all options to suit your various business and application needs.

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