What are the Applications of Tata Ace XL ?

What are the Applications of Tata Ace XL ?

Tata Motors | Jul 2, 2018 1:33 pm
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Tata Motors introduced the iconic Tata Ace in 2005 which quickly became India’s No. 1 selling Mini Truck and continues to dominate sales with more than 20 Lakh Tata Ace family mini truck sold in last 12 years. Come 2017, the ever popular Chhota Hathi metamorphosed into its bigger, sturdier avatar – the Tata Ace XL.

The Tata Ace XL is a step up from its predecessor, as it boasts of a 15% larger, 2500mm (8.2ft) cargo box, and a tougher body, perfect for larger loads. It comes with a 11.6KW (16HP) @ 3200r/m mechanical fuel pump engine, rigid leaf sprig suspension a wider windscreen for better viewing, a wider door-opening angle and a 30L fuel tank.

What is the Tata Ace XL used for?

1. Stock (open loading bay) model applications: Transportation of Gas Cylinder, Milk Cans, Mineral Water, Milk and Vegetable crates, FMCG, Plywood, Furniture, Pipe etc. within the city.

2. Fully built model applications:Tata Ace XL models come with pre-fabricated deigns catering to specific business types such as:

a) Cold Chain Transport Solution: Tata Ace XL can be bought along with a refrigerated container, and equipped with a best in class engine for superior and consistent cooling. This variant is used for transport of frozen meats, ice cream, pharmaceuticals that require cooling and the such like.

b) Container Cargo: Tata Ace XL also comes in a Container truck variant, with an insulated container built with high quality corrugated material for higher durability and safety.

c) Water Tanker: With its up to 1 Kilolitre tank capacity, the Ace is a great option for smaller water and milk supplying businesses.

d) Garbage Dumpster (Municipal use): The Tata Ace XL finds good use even for garbage disposal. With its engine driven hydraulic system for efficient waste management and small size, the Ace XL box tipper can find its way into the smallest of gullies and by lanes to pick up garbage.

e) Food Truck: The food truck model comes equipped with a steel container/rack and a corrugated body for longer life and safety. It has good kitchen and storage space and is ideal for most kinds of food truck requirements.

All in all, the Tata Ace XL is the ideal vehicle for transport reliant businesses which require a sturdy vehicle with good mileage, low maintenance and a good loading capacity.

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