Top 5 Features to Look Out For in Tata Ace Gold Mini Trucks

Top 5 Features to Look Out For in Tata Ace Gold Mini Trucks

Tata Motors | Oct 22, 2021 6:12 am
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There are countless reasons that make Tata Ace Gold mini trucks the most popular small commercial vehicle in the country, for over 15 years. Throughout this time, Tata Motors has introduced various upgrades to the pioneering model, in keeping with technological and design advances as well as enhanced features that bring the most value to owners, in terms of performance and profitability.

Here are the top 5 features to look out for in Tata Ace Gold:


For a mini truck, the Tata Ace Gold delivers high on power and performance. Each variant boasts a reliable, top quality, efficient engine that ensures consistently smooth journeys. The Tata Ace Gold Diesel and Gold Diesel Plus have a maximum output of 14.7 kW @ 3600 RPM and maximum torque of 45 Nm @ 1800 - 2 000 r/min. The Petrol variant sits at 22 kW@ 4000 RPM and the Petrol Cx at 18.38kW @ 4 000 r/min. Furthermore, look out for their aggregates that complement the engine to ensure smooth and speedy trips, such as the clutch and brake systems, wheels and tyres.


Aside from fuel-efficient engines fitted into each model, the Tata Ace Gold comes with added mileage enhancing features such as a Gear Shift Advisor that prompts drivers at the optimum time to switch gears.

The Tata Ace Gold Petrol and Petrol Cx variants also have an Eco Switch, which saves fuel during loaded and unloaded conditions. These features are what give the Tata Ace Gold its high mileage, a vital feature that you can rely on to expand your profit margin.
The superior technology in the Ace Gold Diesel+ also gives it more mileage.


All models of the Tata Ace Gold have a high payload, which is one of its standout features that validate its popularity amongst customers. For last mile deliveries, e-commerce deliveries and other goods transportation applications, business owners can rely on the high load carrying capabilities, with most variants able to carry up to 750 kg, safely and securely across all terrains. While the CNG model can carry up to 640 kg of load, remaining on the higher end of the category’s payload spectrum. This is possible thanks to the vehicles’ heavy duty chassis and durable leaf spring suspension. From a business point of view, this makes the Tata Ace Gold the perfect partner, ensuring maximum profits for every trip made.


With upgraded interiors, the Tata Ace Gold offers ultimate comfort and convenience. It has a fully digital instrument cluster, high-speed USB charger, big glove box, bottle and document holder. These features keep drivers at ease, improving their ability to make timely deliveries.


The Tata Ace Gold is one of the most hassle-free mini trucks to own and maintain. It has a higher aggregate life, spare parts are easily available and there’s a strong network of Tata Motors Authorised Service Stations in case of regular servicing or emergencies. A 2 year/72,000 km warranty is also activated upon its purchase. And now, with Ace Gold Diesel+, a Freedom Platinum AMC for 3yrs/75000 kms is also being offered at just Rs. 40 per month.

These features combine to make the Tata Ace Gold the most affordable and profitable addition to your business. Select the variant that suits your requirements and leave the rest to the beloved Chota Haathi — India’s favourite mini truck.

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