Tips For Effective Care of your BS6 Small Commercial Trucks

Tips For Effective Care of your BS6 Small Commercial Trucks

Tata Motors | Oct 22, 2021 6:15 am
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Whether you have recently purchased a Tata Motors BS6 mini trucks or are in possession of experienced ones, effective and timely care is essential to increasing their lifespan and keeping your profits consistently rolling in. Here are some important tips for hassle-free maintenance of your mini truck that ensures optimum performance.

Check engine oil levels regularly and change the filter

Engine oil is what lubricates and protects your truck’s engine, but it needs to be cleaned and checked at regular intervals. Also remember to get the filter changed, since it collects pollution like dirt and debris that can affect the engine’s performance. The entire engine cooling system and transmission should be serviced on time.

Check if other fluids are present in their required capacity

Apart from the engine oil, ensure that all other fluid levels are maintained, such as the engine coolant, torque fluid and brake fluids. The engine coolant regulates its temperature, which helps keep its performance levels solid. Torque fluid is a hydraulic fluid useful for trucks to transfer more energy from transmission clutches to change gears.

Check up on clutch and brake systems

The clutch system is crucial to smooth rides, so do check on the clutch arm, clean and lubricate the bearings on each end. Pull the clutch cable and ensure that the clutch arm assembly operates smoothly and returns to its original position. The brakes also need regular checkups, at least once in six months, to keep your mini truck incident-free as it traverses across highways and cities.

Check the cleanliness of wheels and tyres

While it may not seem important, always keep the wheels and tyres of your mini truck free from dust and rust. Ensure the interiors of the tyre are wiped before placing the tube inside. Another step to perform is rotating the tyres, which is essential for maintaining an even tread, giving them a longer life. This also helps reduce vibrations, it can also improve gas mileage and prolong the life of the vehicle’s suspension components.

With Tata Motors by your side, caring for your BS6 mini truck is hassle-free and cost-effective. For the first two years or up to 72,000 km, your truck comes under warranty that includes timely servicing and maintenance. Authorised service centres and easy spare part availability keep your spends to a minimum, and your vehicle remains geared for profitability. Select between five variants of the Tata Ace Gold, India’s favourite mini truck, including a petrol, CNG and diesel options, as well as two latest additions, the Gold Petrol Cx and Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus. These new models are available at a low acquisition price and are designed to deliver more mileage, uptime and earnings. The Ace Diesel plus also comes with an offering of Freedom Platinum AMC for 3yrs/75000 kms at just Rs. 40 per month. So, buy your choice of Ace Gold now!

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