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Tata Ace Petrol – Trust of Ace with Profitability of Petrol

Tata Motors | May 21, 2021 9:14 am
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Tata Ace has been the preferred last-mile delivery vehicle since its introduction in 2005. Every 3 minutes, a new Tata Ace is sold, powering the aspirations of yet another entrepreneur in India.

More than 23 lakh business owners across India’s length and breadth, trust the Tata Ace for the smooth and efficient running of their operations.

The same reliability,trust and simplicity that Tata Ace is known for has evolved over time, in tune with the evolving needs of our customers. The Introduction of Tata Ace Gold Petrol BS6 has been the latest exciting news for ACEpreneurs across India.

For the first time, the Goodness of Ace is now in Petrol, and it is all set to create a million more entrepreneurs across India.

Designed to drive up earnings from Day 1

From design to functionality, the Tata Ace Gold Petrol is built to offer steady earnings from its very first day on the road.  It is built to last, and ensures long lasting profitability.

If you wish to make your beginning in the logistics industry, then TAta Ace Gold Petrol can be your key to success.

Fuel efficiency on every journey

Tata Ace Gold BS6 Petrol offers excellent mileage that helps make every trip profitable. The BS6 compliant Petrol engine is powered by the Tata 275 Gasoline MPFI" BS-VI 4 Stroke Water Cooled Engine.

The fuel intelligent features such as Gear Shift Advisor and Eco-Switch, ensure that the vehicle’s fuel consumption is optimised towards maximum efficiency.

The great performance for which we know and love Ace for is all there - with a high power of 30 HP, high torque of 55 Nm for better acceleration, high gradeability of 30% for better pickup and a top speed of 70 km/hour.

More load for better revenue!

As you know in logistics, every kilo is money. Tata Ace Gold Petrol brings more space and more load carrying capacity.

Thanks to the heavy-duty chassis that offers added reinforcements, Tata Ace Gold Petrol can carry payloads up to an impressive 750 kg.

The rugged front and rear leaf spring suspension help carry smoothly over all kinds of bumps and terrains, so that high-volume deliveries can be made with just as much success.

Enhanced comfort and convenience

A comfortable ride means longer trips without the danger and productivity loss of fatigue.

Ace Gold Petrol cabin enhances the comfort of the driver and overall drive quality with its comfortable seats and steering.

A large glove box, separate bottle and document holder offer plenty of room for storage of all essential items. While the USB charger ensures connectivity on the move.

The digital cluster that offers information at a glance and promotes distraction-free driving.

Low maintenance, simple technology

Tata Ace’s BS6 engine uses simple and hassle-free technology. It is easy and affordable to maintain. Even though we recommend trained professionals at Tata’s authorised service centres, we’ve always made sure to keep things simple and avoid hassle and costs for our customers and mechanics across the country.

The durability of the engine regardless of road conditions will keep it running smoothly for years to come. The easily available spare parts and the vast 1400+ strong network of Tata Motors Authorised Service Stations.

This gives it a higher aggregate life, backed by a 2 year or 72,000 km Warranty on purchase.

Is this a good time to start your business with Ace?

Yes. Last mile delivery plays a large role in Indian logistics, and even more so with the rise of ecommerce. The versatility and reliability of Tata Ace is sure to be the keys to your success in the years to come.

Ready to begin your entrepreneurial journey with Ace today? Why wait?

It’s incredibly simple to now own your new Ace Gold Petrol BS6 on our online CV sales platform. Choose your Ace and book with a click.

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