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Tata Ace Models and Prices

Tata Motors | Aug 14, 2018 5:11 am

Tata Motors has been ruling the mini truck segment with the popular Ace family that comprises of a group of versatile commercial vehicles. These mini cargo trucks have proved to be a boon to their customers and achieved path-breaking success overtime. Below are different Tata Ace variants with their models:

1. Tata Ace:

Starting with Tata Ace,a strategically designed commercial vehicle built to move around comfortably on any terrain. It is an absolutely cost effective and low maintenance mini truck available in the Indian market.

Tata Ace Price and Models1

2. Tata Ace Zip:
Ace Zip is powered with a single cylinder, water-cooled engine that offers 2years warranty and has a payload capacity of 600kg with abody length of 1685mm.

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3. Tata Ace Zip XL:
Tata Motors launched Ace Zip XL in April 2017, an advancedlight commercial vehicle. Powered by a 600CC Engine, the Zip XL is available in many attractive shades and 2years warranty period. The cost of Zip XL is much more economical as compared to competitors in the mini truck segment.

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4. Tata ACE XL:
“Chhota Hathi Bada Hogaya”. This tagline appropriately describesthe Tata Ace XL that was introduced in2017 with an extended load capacity and an engine of 702 cc and 16hp. It has the power to move safely on hilly regions and rural areas. It comes with a 2years/72000 kms warranty.

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5. Tata Ace Mega:
Tata Motors proudly launched a new variant - Tata Ace Mega in their commercial vehicle division. Due to its 4th generation DICOR diesel engine producing apower output of 40 HP, this mini truck is a powerful pick up.

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6. Tata Ace Mega XL:
Ace Mega XL is slightly expensive than Ace XL and Ace Mega because of its unique features such as the extended cargo box with a length of 2520mm, engine power of 798cc and loading capacity of 1000kg.

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7. Tata Super Ace Mint:
Super Ace Mint performed exceedingly well in the prevailing commercial market with a cargo box length of 2630mm.

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