Tata Ace Gold - The Best Vehicle for Employment

Tata Ace Gold – The Best Vehicle for Employment

Tata Motors | Jun 14, 2021 11:16 am
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Providing for oneself and one’s family has always been the highest priority in a person’s life.

But what makes being an entrepreneur from Tata Ace Gold different from choosing a 9 to 5 job is the promise of steady income, the freedom of being your own boss and of course, the incredible possibilities of expanding your business to a whole new level.

Thousands of first time Tata Ace buyers have found it the first vehicle that drove them straight into remarkable success in the logistics industry.

Tata Ace is India’s number one mini truck. It has been a product powered by the motivations, dreams and aspirations that drive our customers and the industry forward.

Over the years, the Tata Ace has evolved to continue to help them achieve their goals and dreams - through high performing vehicles with low operating costs - that are designed to suit real needs across profitable industry applications.

Ever since its launch in 2005, the Tata Ace has transformed the small commercial vehicle segment in the country, becoming the trusted partner of over 23 lakh entrepreneurs venturing into the last mile delivery sector.

Now, with the launch of Tata Ace Gold with BS6 technology introduced last year, this legacy continues with even more pioneering, innovative and beneficial versions of the vehicle, that truly makes it the best vehicle for employment.

Trusted Value with the Promise of 6

The Tata Ace Gold BS6 Petrol, Diesel and CNG all come with the Promise of 6 - higher mileage, higher comfort and convenience, higher pick-up, higher payload and higher profits, while ensuring a lifetime of low maintenance.

The power-packed engine of Petrol delivers 22 Kw (30HP) power and 55Nm torque, of diesel 14.7Kw (20HP) power and 45 Nm torque while the heavy duty chassis of both petrol and diesel offer a payload of 750kg. The CNG vehicle delivers 19.4 Kw (26 HP) power and 51 Nm torque while the heavy duty chassis offers a high payload of 640 kg. The trucks come with a Gear Shift Advisor and Eco Switch (in petrol) for high fuel efficiency, a digital display cluster for higher connectivity and a segment-best warranty of 2 years/72,000 km. Features such as the digital cluster, big glove box, bottle and document holder as well as USB charger, add to the higher convenience. All of these combine to make the Tata Ace Gold Range the perfect choice for first time entrepreneurs and the trusted option for existing fleet owners.

Available for purchase at a low acquisition cost, the Tata Ace Gold delivers maximum value for money and is an asset that works hard every day towards your success.

A Wide Range of Profitable Applications

Last-mile deliveries are essential to our cities, towns and villages. Whether it be fresh produce like vegetables and fruits, FMCG products, furniture, consumer goods, materials for events or set ups, cylinders, textiles or any other items that need to be transported over a short distance, the Tata Ace Gold BS6 variants can help you make high frequency trips with higher payloads.

Its compact design allows for easy navigation across narrow or congested roads and around sharp turns or bends. There are limitless employment possibilities within this sector of the transportation business, to fulfil one’s profitability potential and thereby become a stable provider for self and your family too.

Begin your journey into self-employment and entrepreneurial success with Tata Ace Gold at the Tata Motors CV Sales platform. Visit now to search, compare and shop your favourite Ace.

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