Tata Ace Gold – The Best Vehicle for a First Time Customer

Tata Ace Gold – The Best Vehicle for a First Time Customer

admin | May 11, 2021 8:56 am
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Everyone defines “the best” differently. For some it is how long a product is in the market, others judge by sales, while some choose to see customer satisfaction as a defining marker.

What makes the Tata Ace the best, is that it is miles ahead no matter which way you see it.

Tata Motors first introduced this small commercial vehicle or mini cargo truck in 2005. In its 16-year journey since, the truck has gone onto revolutionise the last mile transport sector of India. Becoming the vehicle of first choice for businesses across various industries and applications, Tata Ace has been fulfilling transportation needs within big cities as well as smaller towns and rural geographies.

For those seeking to start their new business venture with similar needs, the Tata Ace is the best first time vehicle to start your journey on the path of steady and sustainable profitability from day one and for years to come.

All thanks to the features and specifications designed into each of the three Tata Ace Gold variants — diesel, petrol and CNG, powered by fuel efficient BSVI technology promising high power and pickup, robust load carrying ability and smooth drives. Let’s take a closer look at just how you, as a first time customer, would benefit.


Tata Ace models are fitted with reliable powertrains that offer great pick-up and mileage. The Diesel variant comes with a proven and trusted 2 cylinder 700 cc BSVI DI Engine, the Petrol with Tata 275 Gasoline BS-VI MPFI engine and the CNG variant comes with the Multipoint Gas Injection 694 cc BSVI CNG Engine. All three have an incorporated Gear Shift Advisor for better fuel efficiency, while the Tata Ace Gold Petrol has an additional Eco-Switch that further helps to optimize fuel usage. Each Tata Ace BSVI mini truck comes with high power for better speed and pickup, high torque for better loaded acceleration and gradeability. To top it off, they also have a high payload of 750 kg, owing to a doubly reinforced heavy-duty truck like chassis and rugged front and rear leaf spring suspension.

This makes transport easier across any and every terrain, to carry a wide variety of goods, offering much scope for new entrepreneurial ventures or even self-employment.


Tata Ace trucks are low maintenance vehicles that offer first time buyers complete peace of mind assuring Ace to be a long-term investment with a higher aggregate life and excellent resale value.

Spare parts are easily accessible and serviceability is ensured across 1600+ Tata Motors Dealer and Tata Authorized Service Stations all around the country. You will also get a 2-year warranty or when the vehicle hits the 72,000 km mark. The interiors of the Tata Ace boast high convenience for the driver, ensuring safer rides. The ergonomic cabin design is spacious and comfortable, with an improved digital instrument cluster, big glove box, bottle and document holder as well as USB charger. USB charger adds a lot of utility for customers who can charge their mobile phones on the go staying connected to business 24x7.


Another reason that Tata Ace tops the list of small commercial vehicles for new customers is that it ensures simple, hassle free and low cost vehicle operation and maintenance and hence higher profitability for customer. Something that countless existing happy Tata Ace owners would attest to.

No matter your new transportation business or enterprise, the Tata Ace delivers the best chance for your success.

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