Tata Ace Gold Petrol High Deck - Fully Built and Ready for Earnings from Day 1

Tata Ace Gold Petrol High Deck – Fully Built and Ready for Earnings from Day 1

admin | May 27, 2021 1:50 pm
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Tata Ace Gold Petrol High Deck is an application-ready mini truck from Tata Motors. It is a high body variant of the popular Tata Ace Gold Petrol. It offers a chance for earnings from the very first day, without any modification needed after purchase.

Thinking of purchasing an Ace Gold Petrol for your business? Here’s why the high deck version could be the winning vehicle for you. Read on.

The King of Last Mile Delivery

Tata Ace Gold is India’s favourite mini-truck. It is the market leader in the last mile delivery segment in logistics.

Last mile delivery, as the name suggests, is the final stage of delivery after the product has reached an intermediate shipping centre in a city or town hub and is then dispatched to the customer’s address, which can be in rural, often under-connected areas.

The importance of last-mile delivery in the supply chain cannot be overstated. However far your product has reached, the purpose is defeated if it doesn’t reach the customer at the correct place and time. Hence, more than 40% of the costs associated with any logistics business is concentrated in last mile delivery investments. (Source: Frost & Sullivan). Entire businesses are built around optimising last mile delivery and the number is only set to grow.

Is this a good time to start a business with Ace Gold?

Today, even as we see the economy being affected by the pandemic, logistics industries are going strong as the demand for delivery of essential goods remains high.

Hence, it is a clear sign to aspiring entrepreneurs that this is a viable business to enter into, as unemployment and uncertainty around jobs remain high.

Tata Ace is definitely the leader of last mile delivery. Before Tata Ace came into the market, the only options available were 3 wheeler rickshaw tempos, which lacked power, stability, safety and space. Tata Ace came in with a combination of all of the above - offering more potential for more trips, more capacity for earnings and with lower maintenance costs as well.

Tata Ace Gold Petrol BS6

Since its introduction in 2005, Tata Ace has evolved to meet customer needs at every step of the journey. The introduction of Tata Ace Gold is big news for logistics entrepreneurs across India as the great performance and pickup - the goodness of Ace is now available in petrol as well at a more accessible cost even as petrol-diesel fuel costs remain at par.

Like the entire BS6 range of commercial vehicles, Tata Ace Gold Petrol BS6 brings alive the Promise of 6.

  1. Higher mileage, thanks to a fuel efficient engine and fuel intelligent features
  2. Higher pickup with higher power and gradeability
  3. Higher payload due to heavy duty chassis, suspension and axles for higher capacity of 750 kg
  4. Higher cabin comfort and convenience with a new digital instrument cluster, utility holder and USB charger
  5. Lower maintenance due to a simple engine with long service intervals and a warranty of 2 years/72000 km
  6. Higher profits due to higher fuel savings, higher load capacity and lower maintenance

Why is Tata Ace Gold Petrol High Deck version a great option?

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should choose the Tata Ace Gold Petrol High Deck.

Ready for Business:

When you buy any commercial vehicle, the maximum time it spends on duty brings the maximum profits for you. Any additional time spent in garages or bodybuilders will just delay your earnings.

With a ready High Deck body, Tata Ace Gold Petrol goes straight to work. It saves you time and helps you earn profit from Day 1. You don’t have to make any additional modifications to the truck at all.


Bodybuilders often do a great job, but it’s difficult to know whom to trust. Why not simply rely on the trusted quality of Tata Motors? The sophisticated manufacturing process and the use of high quality corrugated steel sheet makes for a robust and solid body, unmatched by most in the market.

Low Down Payment:

Vehicle finance also includes the cost of the high deck body, thus reducing the initial investment. There’s no need for further costs of modification from an external body builder.


Not just the vehicle itself, but the high deck body is also protected under our standard warranty of 2 years or 72000 kms.


The High Deck body comes at a very economical price. This helps you make big savings, right from the time of purchase. It helps to have funds handy for other business needs like engaging a driver when starting your business, so it's always an advantage to choose Tata Ace Gold Petrol High Deck.

Now, you can stay home in safety and make the first move towards starting your business with Ace Gold. You can simply book an Ace Gold Petrol High Deck version online, with maximum financing and other excellent options.


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