Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX – Upgrade Now to the Best Entry Level Mini Truck in India

Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX – Upgrade Now to the Best Entry Level Mini Truck in India

Tata Motors | Aug 25, 2021 9:46 am
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It’s here! The new Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX, the best entry level mini truck, available at the most competitive price so that you can upgrade your profits with ease. Why choose a micro truck or three-wheeler when you can get the superior advantages of India’s favourite mini truck to back your business, starting at just Rs 3.99 lakhs!

Affordable Down Payment and EMI

Compared to mini trucks and three-wheelers, the Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is available at an affordable down payment of just Rs. 36,000 and EMIs starting as low as Rs. 7,500. That’s just Rs. 500 more, for a better performing, more reliable, sturdy and comfortable vehicle that ensures you earn higher revenues.

6 Ka Waada

The Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX comes with the 6 Ka Waada, the promise that delivers higher performance, better mileage, enhanced convenience, increased payload, more profits and low maintenance costs to back the low acquisition price, and hence, lower total cost of ownership.

Advantageous Features

A high powered engine that offers 25 HP, 55 NM torque and 29% gradeability for faster, smoother journeys across flats and inclines, sits at the heart of the Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX. Along with an Eco Switch and Gear Shift Advisor that helps improve mileage, the vehicle also offers the enhanced convenience of a digital instrument cluster and facilities such as storage and USB charger. The strong aggregates support its high payload capacity, while the simple technology means long service intervals.

Higher Earning Capacity

Earn more than you would with micro trucks or three-wheelers, as the Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is low on maintenance costs and high on its earning potential, thanks to the ability to transport bigger loads with every journey. It also comes with a 2 year / 72,000 km warranty and easy access to Tata Motors’ comprehensive value added services and Service Centre network.

Let the Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX give your business the upgrade it deserves, powered by the assurance and reliability that comes only with the name of India’s leading small commercial vehicle.

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