Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX or 3-Wheeler Tempo: Which is Better for Last Mile Transport?

Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX or 3-Wheeler Tempo: Which is Better for Last Mile Transport?

Tata Motors | Aug 26, 2021 12:44 pm
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Since its legendary launch in 2006, Tata Ace completely transformed last mile delivery in India. It fulfilled an essential gap - the absence of a powerful 4 wheeler mini-truck with larger loading capacity at an affordable price.

The Legacy of Tata Ace

Tata Ace Gold BS6 created a brand new segment all by itself. With the promise of maximum earnings on every trip, it fulfilled the aspirations of thousands of large and small entrepreneurs across the length and breadth of India.

Throughout the years, the Ace has evolved to match the expectations and renewed aspirations of Indian entrepreneurs. It’s a powerhorse that drives many industries profitably.

Fueling a billion more aspirations

Now, with the launch of Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX at a never-before accessible price of Rs.3.99 Lakh, a billion more aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to fulfill their dreams.

Many have graduated from being drivers of 3 wheeler tempos that are, to put it mildly, glorified rickshaws, to being logistics entrepreneurs owning their own mini truck. People start with one Ace and earn so much more, so that they eventually end up owning a fleet of Aces.

Why should you choose Tata Ace over a Three Wheeler Tempo:


Three wheeler tempo vehicles are unstable and prone to toppling. They’re also not built solidly enough to withstand accidental damage. The Ace’s stability makes sure that drivers are safe no matter what terrain or load they’re transporting.

In addition, the advantage of having two bright headlights over one is another factor - since visibility during nighttime is a crucial factor for safety.


In addition, Tata Ace offers excellent performance, which is essential when it comes to quick turnarounds on last mile deliveries. Three wheeler tempos offer less than ~9 hp power with ~23 Nm which falls extremely short of Ace’s 2 cylinder engine’s capabilities, which is 25 hp and 55 Nm Pickup, respectively. This means more load capacity, better gradeability and quicker deliveries.

Load capacity:

With a 7.2 feet load body, versus a 3 wheeler’s measly 5.5 ft - and a higher load capacity capacity which is double that of a tempo’s 500 kg. So yes, the potential earnings from every trip is more than double!


Three wheeler vehicles do not have a steering wheel! The rickshaw-like steering handle results in acute elbow pain every day. The ergonomic steering and pedals of the Ace make for a comfortable ride every time.

The plush spaciousness of the Ace compared to the sparseness of the three wheeler tempo is another reason to choose the Ace. During rains and summers, the Ace protects drivers adequately, whereas drivers of 3 wheeler tempos are at the mercy of the weather at all times.


At 3.99 lakhs, the Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is an infinitely better choice than a 3 wheeler tempo costing around 3 lakhs. The potential EMI amount payable per month is Rs. 7500, which is just about Rs. 500 more than a three wheeler and it is money well spent considering the increased earning capacity. In addition, Tata Ace has a superb resale value, unlike 3 wheeler tempos


Tata Ace comes with the trust of Tata and the powerful backing of Sampoorna Seva. All your maintenance needs are fulfilled well on time in a single call. Tata’s nationwide network of service centres promise prompt service.

Tata Zippy offers a repair time guarantee for major repairs within 24 hours or offers a compensation of Rs.500 a day of delay. Tata Alert offers anytime anywhere service with resolution in 24 hours.

In case of accidents, Tata Kavach with insurance offers a repair guarantee of 15 days, failing which, a compensation of Rs.500/day is provided. Every Tata Ace comes with Tata Surakshit Samarth Insurance of Rs 10 Lacs and Rs 50,000 mediclaim insurance.

Book the brand new Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX at Rs.3.99 Lakh from the comfort of your home. Visit the all-new Tata Motors CV sales platform now.

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