Tata Ace Gold – Launched with the BS6 Upgrade in India

Tata Motors | Apr 22, 2021 5:53 am
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Tata Ace trucks have always been known as the Customer’s No. 1 choice due to their superb performance, low operating costs and ease of use. As part of our constant endeavour to improve, we have retained these three qualities while upgrading our existing vehicles with the BS6 engine. Thus, we have launched the Tata Ace Gold BS6 line-up.

In order to decrease the amount of pollution in our existing environment, the Government of India has declared new emission norms, known as BS6. As per these emission norms, vehicles should be 25% cleaner by emitting lesser particles of Hydrocarbons (HC), Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx).

In the new Tata Ace Gold trucks, it’s not just the engine that has received an upgrade to conform to emission norms. The entire truck has been redesigned to offer the Promise of 6:

Higher Mileage

The Tata Ace Gold trucks are designed to offer better mileage. To further enhance fuel-efficiency, these come with a Gear Shift Advisor. The Petrol variant comes with an Eco Switch that can be used while driving on highways.

Higher Pick-Up

The engine is tuned to offer a powerful performance of up to 30 HP and a Torque up to 55 Nm. You can go from 0-70 kmph in a matter of seconds. These trucks are built to handle all kinds of terrain with up to 30% gradeability and 145R12 LT 8PR tyres.

Higher Payload Capacity

The Ace Gold features a heavy-duty reinforced chassis for long-lasting durability. The large load body (7.2 x 4.9 feet) is supported by a Rigid Axle and Leaf Spring Suspension System. Higher payloads mean that the truck can carry more goods in a single trip leading to more revenue. With a high ground clearance of 160mm, you can use Tata Ace in any terrain.

Higher Comfort & Convenience

A new Digital Cluster allows drivers to read all the information at a glance. The cabin is wide and spacious while every element is designed to be used with less effort. Position of Accelerator, Brake and Clutch is also improved which will improve driving comfort.

Low Maintenance Costs

The Tata Ace Gold comes with a 2-year/ 72,000 km warranty. All parts & lubricants have high schedule durations resulting in low maintenance costs.

Local mechanics are also well versed with Tata Ace making maintaining the vehicle very easy.

Higher Profits

With more mileage, higher payload and lower maintenance costs, you get more profit.

The Tata Ace Gold Trucks come in three variants — Diesel, CNG and Petrol

*Amount calculated based on the fuel price of INR 70 per Litre, expected revenue and using the truck at maximum efficiency.

**Prices will vary slightly and are subject to change. RTO, insurance, and registration costs are not included here.

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