Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus Trucks - Features & Specifications

Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus Trucks – Features & Specifications

Tata Motors | Nov 15, 2021 8:55 am
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There are many advantages to owning the new Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus, the latest in the acclaimed series of small commercial trucks by Tata Motors, that has retained its position as India’s number one choice. This new variant is worth the investment as it repays you in a multitude of ways. It is designed with features that enable it to deliver on the three-fold promise of mileage plus, uptime plus and earnings plus. Have a look at them in detail, to see just how!

Higher power and pick-up

A 2-cylinder, 700 cc DI engine with max power of 14.7kW @ 3 600 r/min and max torque of 45 Nm @ 1800 - 2 000 r/min, sits at the heart of the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus. The mini truck has great drivability across roads, especially with a high gradeability of 27.5%. Long straights, twisted lanes or speedy flyovers, your goods will travel safely and on time.

Higher mileage

With a large fuel tank capacity of 30 litres, a Gear Shift Advisor for optimising fuel usage by prompting gear switches at the right moment, and a catalysed diesel particulate filter for better performance, the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus is able to deliver a higher mileage. This allows for greater savings and more profitability. While

Higher convenience

The dimensions of the mini truck are - length 3800 mm x width 1500 mm x height 1845 mm, with a ground clearance of 160 mm, making it easy to maneuver across urban and semi-urban roads. Furthermore, the cabin is made with convenience enhancing features, such as an instrument cluster, USB charger, and bottle and document holder.

High payload

Single plate dry friction diaphragm type clutch system makes the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus one of the smoothest small commercial vehicles on the roads, along with its heavy duty chassis for added durability. This allows the truck to have a high payload of 750 kgs, meaning more goods and earnings per ride.

Low maintenance

Parabolic leaf spring and semi-elliptical leaf spring front and rear suspension, disc and drum front and rear brakes, 145R12 LT 8PR radial tyres, these aggregates, along with those previously mentioned, make the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus one of the most economic to maintain. Especially with a 2 year/72,000 km warranty, activated on purchase. Also, you have an option to buy a 3yr/ 75000 Freedom Platinum AMC- This AMC at just Rs. 40/- per month, gives the customer Uptime Guarantee of 15000 kms or 6 months from date of purchase, whichever is earlier. It also provides the customer, Workshop service guarantee which promises the customer of getting his vehicle ready in 24 hrs, incase of any breakdown, failing which Tata motors shall pay the customer a compensation of 1000rs. per day

Higher profits

With the ideal blend of value adding features and specs, the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus is the perfect business partner for first-time vehicle owners or established fleet operators. With high load carrying capacity, more trips and high mileage, a low maintenance cost, this vehicle ensures higher profits.

Are you ready to pursue your growth and make your ambitious dream comes true? Then, choose the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus, the new and improved offering under the ever-reliable and popular Tata Ace range.

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