Tata Ace crosses 16 Years

Tata Ace crosses 16 Years and 23+ lakh sales in 2021

Tata Motors | May 21, 2021 9:14 am
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The undisputed king of last mile delivery in India - Tata Ace, affectionately known as ‘Chota Haathi’ or ‘Small Elephant’, completes 16 years in 2021!

With over 23 lakh vehicles sold, Tata Ace has proven its mettle in last mile delivery, unlocking the growth potential of India’s economy and elevating millions into entrepreneurship in India.

From the year of launch in 2005, Tata Ace has been loved by customers as the No.1 choice in the Mini truck segment in India.

Thanks to its sheer durability and efficiency across all kinds of terrains and weather conditions, you will see the Tata Ace in every corner of India’s diverse geography. Its applications span the spectrum - Tata Ace is used today in everything from ecommerce to cold chains to food trucks to waste management to

Where it all began:

It all started at the turn of the century. Tata Motors have a history of designing products centered around consumer needs. Hence, Tata Motors sent out cross functional teams to interview truckers across India and understand how the market and their needs were evolving.

A 29 year old engineer known as Girish Wagh was deputed with studying the sub 4-ton market. This space was occupied mostly by three-wheelers. There was absolutely no 4 wheel vehicle in this category and nobody had even imagined it.

However, the young engineer Mr Wagh, had an extremely revelatory conversation with a small transporter in Coimbatore. The driver wanted a more stable and safer alternative to his three wheeler but the only alternative was a light commercial vehicle that would be well beyond his means.

This conversation was the start of something revolutionary. Mr Wagh had many more conversations with drivers and owners across India. Tata Motors commissioned a macro projection of the entire industry. It confirmed the emergence of the hub and spoke model in Indian transportation. Presentations were made to senior leadership.

Everybody was excited for this new idea. The need was identified. The next step was product development.

The development of this previously unheard of mini-truck is a case-study in innovation. The market only had single cylinder or 4 cylinder engines. There was no off-the-shelf engine available globally that fulfilled the unique requirements under which Tata Ace was envisioned.

It took until mid-2002 to finally arrive at the indigenous 2 cylinder engine that performed at a high level, with the fuel efficiency of a three wheeler and cost almost 1/3rd compared to competition. This engine became the unbeatable USP of the Tata Ace.

The production of Tata Ace led to to major innovations in the production models and processes. The minitruck was named Ace by Ratan Tata himself.

When Tata Ace finally launched in 2005, the market was swept away.

Everything from the stylish looks, the great pickup, the mileage and the ease of maintenance was hugely appreciated by customers because they could see how it added to their profits everyday.

Tata Ace swiftly became the star of a previously unexplored market. Every year since then, Tata Ace’s market share increased. Awards and accolades continued to flow in. Numerous variants and improvements were built on the Ace platform. In 2012, Tata Ace crossed 1 million sales.

The following are the major milestones in the Tata Ace Journey:


Tata Ace - India’s first mini-truck launches


Launch of Tata Ace HT
Tata Ace wins 'BBC-Top Gear' Design of the Year 2006 Award


Tata Ace crosses 1 lakh sales mark
Launch of Tata Magic, for passenger transportation


Dedicated Plant set up at Pantnagar
Launch of Tata Ace CNG Tata Ace CNG Mini trucks


Tata Super Ace and Tata Ace EX introduced
5 Lakh Sales in 5 Years


Tata Ace-India's first 1-lakh-per -year CV brand
Total sales crosses 5 lakh mark
Tata Ace Zip Mini trucks


Launch of Tata Magic IRIS and Tata Ace Zip


Total Ace Family celebrates 1 million units sold
Tata Super Ace Mint Mini trucks


Launch of new Super Ace Mint


Launch of Ace Mega small Pickup and Tata Ace Mega Pickup


Launch of Ace Zip CNG and Tata Ace XL Mini Trucks


Introduction of XL range
Tata Ace Family crosses 2 million mark
A Tata Ace gets sold every 3 minutes


Launch of Ace Gold


Launch Of Ace Gold Petrol


Today, the Tata Ace Gold Petrol BS6 is the latest addition. It is indeed the need of the hour and has been wholeheartedly welcomed by transporters across India who swear by its high mileage, power and pickup higher payload and lowest maintenance - all of which continues to deliver the highest revenue among every other vehicle in its class.

Interested in making your start in the logistics business? Tata Ace can be the ultimate launchpad.

It has created thousands of crorepatis everywhere in India. Drivers have become owners, single truck owners have become large transporters. Every three minutes, a Tata Ace is sold. Will you be the next ACEprenur?

Visit our online CV sales platform today, choose your Ace Gold and book with a click! Begin your business today with Ace at your side!

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