Tata Ace BS6 Range

Tata Ace BS6 Range – The Widest Range of Mini Trucks

Tata Motors | May 31, 2021 2:04 pm
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Tata Ace has been at the forefront of the mini truck market. After all, Ace was the first mover in the category, recognizing a gap in the industry and launching the Ace in 2005.

Since then, every year has seen the evolution of Ace to the fast-changing needs of India’s last mile delivery.

It has created hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs across India along the way, and is all set to repeat that story this year as well.

Even as economic conditions in the aftermath of the pandemic have led to rising unemployment levels, last mile delivery in Indian logistics continues to remain strong.

With a strong potential for at least Rs. 25,000 in earnings, Tata Ace Gold will once again be the vehicle of success for aspiring entrepreneurs across India.

In 2020, Tata Ace BS6 launched three remarkable vehicles - Tata Ace Gold Petrol, Tata Ace Gold Diesel, and Tata Ace Gold CNG. It is, so far, the widest range offered by any brand.

The new BS6 range was created in compliance with new BS6 emission norms, but it goes much beyond mere tweaks in the engine to comply with the emission norms.

The range comes with improvements to reduce total cost of ownership and potential for earnings. It’s not just BS6, but the Promise of 6 - with more mileage, more pickup, more payload, more comfort, more earnings and less maintenance! The entire range comes with a 2 years or 72K km warranty.

Tata Ace Gold Petrol

For the very first time, Tata Ace Gold Petrol is being offered at an exceedingly attractive price. All the goodness of Ace, now in Petrol. The 2 Cylinder, 694 cm3 MPFI Engine is a strong performer, with excellent fuel efficiency and pickup.

Powered by the all-new petrol power train, Tata Ace Gold Petrol enables more trips and quicker deliveries.

Tata Ace Gold Diesel

The 2 Cylinder, 702 cm3 DI Engine of the Tata Ace Gold Diesel is sure to be loved by drivers, owners and mechanics alike. Due to its high performance, fuel efficiency and low maintenance requirements. Tata Ace Gold Diesel is definitely the Ace at its pinnacle of performance.

Tata Ace Gold CNG

With the water cooled multipoint gas injection 694 cc CNG engine, Tata Ace Gold CNG is offering comparable performance to its diesel and petrol brothers, with of course the high savings advantage of CNG.

The engine offers a reasonably high power of 26 HP and 50 Nm Torque, which helps it zoom through on trips with great acceleration and high grade ability of 29%.

So which Tata Ace Gold should you choose?

All 3 vehicles in the Ace Gold BS6 Range offer great value. As to which one you should choose to be your partner in progress depends on your application, route and terrain. The Ace Gold CNG variant is the greener option and more profitable to run in cities and towns where CNG is widely available. Other than that, your terrain, application and frequency plays a big role. A quick call on our toll free number 1800 209 7979 can give you some clarity from our experts.

Did you know that you can now compare and choose your favorite Tata Ace Gold with all the technical specs online on our brand new sales website? You can instantly see the difference between Petrol, diesel and CNG, also get financing options, and instantly book with a click. Visit now and make your start in the business world.

After all, which 9 to 5 can offer this much excitement, these many challenges and these many opportunities to discover a whole new you? Get started today!!

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