Tata Ace – BS6 Mini Trucks Launched in India

Tata Motors | Apr 22, 2021 5:41 am
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In our constant attempt to provide innovative products to our discerning customers, we have launched Tata Ace BS6 Mini Trucks. Unlike the BS4 trucks, which had only Diesel and CNG variants, the Tata Ace BS6 Mini Trucks come with a Petrol variant as well!

These trucks are fitted with the all-new BS6 engines that follow the Government of India’s new emission norms. This is to keep a check on the rising pollution levels for a cleaner and breathable future. The exhaust has been redesigned to reduce the amount of Hydrocarbon (HC), Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) that are harmful to both humans as well as the environment. To make sure performance is great as ever, new injectors have been added to increase the mileage.

We weren’t satisfied with simply complying to emission norms. Hence, we decided to add more value enhancements so that our customers have a product that’s much better than our existing best. The new Tata Ace trucks offer the Promise of 6:

More Mileage

The new engine has been tuned to offer better mileage.

More Performance

With a 2-Cylinder 700cc - 694cc* Engine, the trucks are able to offer a higher pick-up, power and a higher gradeability of 27.5% - 30%*.

Higher Payload

The heavy-duty chassis, axles and suspension are able to manage a higher payload of 750 Kg in Diesel and Petrol variants and 640 Kg in CNG.

More Comfort

Tata Ace BS6 comes with a new digital instrument cluster, USB charger, bigger glove box and utility holder that offers more comfort and convenience for a stress-free driving environment. The Petrol variant also ensures low NVH (noise, vibration and harshness).

Low Maintenance

While able to offer more performance, the BS6 engine is also really easy to maintain and can be serviced even after long intervals. This and the 2-year/ 72,000 kms warranty lowers maintenance costs and down-time.

More Profits

With lesser fuel usage, higher load capacity and lesser maintenance costs, expect higher revenue and profits. The BS6 Mini Trucks promise INR 25,000 per month.

Overall, we strive to continue our legacy of making the Tata Ace trucks the customers’ No. 1 choice with higher performance and more earnings.

*Depending on the variant selected.

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