Succeed with Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX, Leave the 3-Wheelers Behind!

Succeed with Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX, Leave the 3-Wheelers Behind!

Tata Motors | Aug 31, 2021 5:13 am
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Tata Ace Gold has now become an iconic vehicle, having powered the ambitions of millions of hard-working entrepreneurs in the transport industry since its launch in 2006. Today, Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is recognized as the preferred choice of profit-driven and result-oriented individuals who focus on competitive investment price as well as the returns on investment in vehicles.

Tata Ace Gold Petrol CXoffers a wide range of benefits over the 3-wheelers, serving as a powerful mini truck capable of doing so much more than the tempo. Compared to 3-wheelers, Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX provides superior comfort, better driving experience, and enhanced load carrying capacity. But the biggest advantage of Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is its highly lucrative price of just Rs.3.99 Lakh, which is ideal for beginners and aspiring transporters. Moreover, the down payment below Rs. 40000 and an EMI at Rs.7700 (through SBI 6 years scheme) are nearly equivalent to that of a 3-wheeler. So why hold back on your aspirations and settle for a 3-wheeler when Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is here to drive your success!

Let’s look at the advantages of Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX over 3-wheelers in detail:

Power-Packed Performance

The Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX delivers high power of 18.38 kW for higher speed, excellent pickup with 55 Nm torque for faster trips and a high gradeability of 29% which helps during steep inclines and ghats. This leads to a power-packed and reliable performance that is beyond the capacity of 3-wheelers when it comes to efficiency.

Bigger Payload

Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX helps you achieve more and earn more with a bigger load body that is 7.2 feet long, allowing you to carry more goods in very trip and enjoy more returns. In comparison, a 3-wheeler offers only 5.5 ft. load body which is significantly less, thereby decreasing your capacity for profits. But that’s not all - Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX also comes built for a higher load carrying capacity which is double than that of a tempo’s 500 kg, thereby doubling your earnings effortlessly.

Effortless Driving

The Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX is made for effortless and efficient driving with its steering wheel and its digital instrument cluster – which a huge upgrade from the handle-based driving that 3-wheelers offer. Additionally, Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX also provides the modern convenience of a USB charger for charging phones etc. this makes the driving experience far superior and full of productivity.

Unmatched Safety

Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX, as a four wheeler mini truck, provides far greater stability and ease of manoeuvring than 3-wheelers, which are prone to toppling and can be a hazard to the driver and the goods. Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX’s cabin and comfortable seat, and two powerful headlights deliver better experience to the driver and improved safety that 3-wheelers cannot compete with.

High Mileage

Equipped with a Gear Shift Advisor and an Eco Switch, Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX ensures optimum utilisation of fuel. This leads to superior mileage and better fuel efficiency which powers your savings and help you get the most out your vehicle.

So go ahead and make the right move by booking your brand new Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX at Rs.3.99 Lakh from the comfort of your home. Visit the all-new Tata Motors CV sales platform now.

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