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Smart Commercial Vehicle Offering a Loading Capacity of 600kg

Tata Motors | Sep 18, 2018 7:29 am
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Backed by versatility and high-performance features, Tata Ace Zip is here to stay as a smart commercial vehicle following the league of Tata Ace, Tata Ace Meg,a and Tata Super Ace. Being an affordable cargo vehicle with a competitive maintenance cost, it is a best suited option for carrying goods over a short distance. Tata Ace Zip XL has generated self employment opportunities in the country as it has simplified the door-to-door delivery of goods on almost all kinds of terrains. It is personified as a ‘Chota Hathi Mini Truck’ because it’s indeed built with the power of carrying the load efficiently.

Smart cargo vehicle available in vibrant colors, Tata Ace Zip XL is undoubtedly an eye catcher with a number of uses. Know how this Chota Hathi can flourish your business:

1. Flexibility on Roads:

Easy navigation through narrow areas and heavy traffic due to its small turning radius of 3.5 meters make it an ideal choice for both urban and rural areas.

2. Water Cooled Engine:

It is the only cargo vehicle in the 600kg category that has a single cylinder water-cooled engine that enables comfortable traveling over long distances.

3. Multi-Utility Truck:

Besides a delivery van and a cargo loader, Ace Zip can also be used as a water tanker, dumper, display van, shop-on-wheels vehicle, and snack centres.

4. Superior to any Three Wheeler:

Offering a payload of 600kg and a warranty of 72000 kms, Ace Zip XL ensures higher durability and performance as compared to the three wheeler cargo vehicles.

5. Network of Service Centres:

With a wide network of service centres at approximately every 40kms, you can be sure of fixing the glitches on the way.

Overall, it is a strategically designed smart cargo truck helping the transport operators to elevate their business. It is indeed a versatile mini vehicle providing customized solutions for varied businesses.

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