Single Cylinder Vehicle vs Two-Cylinder Vehicle

Single Cylinder Vehicle vs Two-Cylinder Vehicle

Tata Motors | May 6, 2021 6:26 am
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The Mini-truck segment looks completely different than what it was back in 2005 when Tata Ace or Chota Hathi was launched. Now it’s packed with strong competition with different powered-engines, different load body sizes, or different aggregates. So today we are going to look at a comparison between mini-trucks powered by a single-cylinder and a two-cylinder engine.

So what’s the main difference between a single-cylinder engine vehicle and a two-cylinder engine vehicle and which one should you choose?

Particulars Single Cylinder Engine Two-Cylinder Engine
Engine Life 3-4 years 8-10 years
Maintenance costs High Low
Loadability Low High
Resale value Low High
Clutch Life Less More
Driving Comfort Poor Good

As we can see from the above table a vehicle with a two-cylinder engine will prove to be a more profitable investment than a vehicle with a single-cylinder engine. After speaking with a few customers who drive single cylinder vehicles, we have understood that such single-cylinder engines do not have the power or the capacity to drive a 4-wheeler and in the long run a lot of issues regarding pick-up arise. In fact, after studying the market we’ve noticed that many customers of single-cylinder vehicles have shifted to Tata Ace Gold, which is a two-cylinder vehicle.

For years single-cylinder engines have been used in 3-wheelers where it was a big hit but its transmission into 4-wheeled vehicles hasn’t been a successful one. Due to its low loadability, low pickup, high maintenance, and low resale value, customers are migrating in large numbers to two-cylinder vehicles. Vehicles such as Tata Ace Gold can be loaded with more goods, are low on maintenance, and command high resale value and hence, two-cylinder engines are best suited for the mini-trucks segment.

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