How to get better mileage on your mini truck

How to get better mileage on your mini truck

Tata Motors | Jul 2, 2018 1:34 pm
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"Is there any way to increase the mileage of my Tata Ace?" This is a question we are often asked by drivers and fleet owners alike. Well, to be honest, there is no one magic solution to get better fuel mileage on your mini truck, be it a Tata Ace or any other brand. You will have to do a number of things which put together will get you small mileage increases. Some of the mileage gain can be secured from cleaning and maintenance changes, while some changes have to be made on the driver's part as well.

Here are some of the ways in which you can add more mileage to your Tata Ace:

1. Keep your tyres at the recommended pressure:

By ensuring that your tyres are properly inflated and not over or under pressurized, you can add a lot of mileage to your pickup’s performance.

2. Ensure your Air Filter is always clean:
The more the airflow, the better the mileage you will get.

3. Better driving habits:
Gradual braking, not revving the engine unnecessarily and not keeping the clutch half pressed at all times is a guaranteed way to get better mileage from your vehicle.

4. Turn off the engine during loading and unloading:
Even if it is a 5-minute job, it all adds up and you can save a lot of fuel by doing this.

5. Switch off the engine at long traffic signals:
You will be surprised how much you can save by not idling the engine at multiple signals every day.

6. Use a cargo bay cover when driving without cargo:
Covering up the cargo bay when it’s not actively in use helps air flow over it smoothly instead of flowing through it and creating unnecessary resistance that reduces mileage.

7. Stick to an optimum driving speed:
Depending on where you are driving, find a speed wherein you won’t need to accelerate or brake much and cruise at that speed for as long as possible. You will save more fuel this way.

8. Clean out the Fuel Injectors regularly:
A clean injector sprays a finer mist of fuel, which is easier to ignite and therefore increases fuel mileage by using all of the fuel sprayed into the cylinder.

9. Pick your driving routes wisely:
You will save more fuel by taking a longer route with little or no traffic, than a short route which is always jammed.

10. Warm up your engine in winter:
In very cold weather, idle your engine for a few minutes before starting your journey. Warmer engines are far more fuel efficient than cold engines.

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