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How to Get a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

Tata Motors | Nov 15, 2018 5:55 am
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Tata Ace has changed the lives of lakhs of people wanting to start a business in logistics transportation. For this, the main thing that is required, is a commercial driver's license.

Be warned though…starting a driver's career is not such an easy task! A career in commercial driving requires potential to combat obstacles on a day-to-day basis like facing floods, landslides and meeting deadlines for timely delivery of goods passing through rough terrains and slopes. But the joy of overcoming such hurdles is far more exciting than anything else.

What is a Commercial Drivers License?

Commercial driver's license is a mandatory government procedure that requires submission of authorized documents of those people who are interested in becoming drivers. In India, the license is categorized under three sections - Motorcycle license, Light Motor vehicle license (LMV) and Heavy Motor vehicle (HMV) license.

In case you are preparing to become a commercial driver you need to go through certain eligibility test to acquire commercial drivers license (CDL) as stated below:

Education: Minimum educational qualification is 8th pass. It is also mandatory for the individual to possess minimum intelligence level and memory to understand different signs and traffic rules.

Age Criteria: The candidate age to apply for CDL should be above 18 years. However in some states the minimum age is 22.

Training School for CDL: It is essential for the applicant to be trained from a Government Motor School. A Motor school associated to the state government can also solve the purpose.

Learner's License (LL): This is issued after the applicant passes a written test. A learner's license is mandatory for any commercial driver who wishes to apply for the commercial license. This license permits an individual to drive a commercial vehicle with a validity of six months.

Apply Online or Offline: Either online or offline an application has to be submitted with required documents to commence the process.

Driving Test: On the clearance of the documents one can go for the driving test after 30 days. The applicant's driving skills will be approved by the chief officer and then the individual can acquire the commercial driver's license.

Ensure you have all the authorized documents intact while applying for the license. Below are the necessary documents listed whether applying online or offline:

An identity proof such as Aadhaar card, Passport, Pan card, birth certificate or your 10th grade mark sheet with your photograph.

An Address proof is another important document displayed while applying for a driving license. For address proof you can provide your phone bill or electricity bill.

Passport size photographs four or five in number should be carried along.

Medical certificates are also mandatory. In case of any illness you won't be authorized for the commercial driving license.

These are certain essential factors that form the basis of an expert commercial driver with an authorized driving license.

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