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How Tata Ace Steel Container revolutionize the Container Industry?

Tata Motors | Nov 16, 2018 8:54 am
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The Tata Ace Steel Container – a durable and extremely reliable product from the house of Tata has made a good name for itself across businesses, with its brilliant offerings. The container is primarily popular for its strong, corrugated body that gives the truck a long life span along with ensuring maximum safety. With its unique product features that ensure smooth functioning, the container truck has surely hit the right spot with small, medium, and big businesses alike.

How can the Tata Ace Steel Container help better your business?

First OEM Built ARAI certified Container vehicle:

Being the first ARAI certified container vehicle from a OEM manufacturer Tata Ace Steel Container ensures hassle free registration

Business Ready from Day 1:

Now you no longer need to wait for the body builder to assemble the body for usage. The ready-to-use truck comes assembled to the last part, so that you can begin your work as soon as you buy the vehicle.

No additional investment:

Unlike other containers, the cost of the Tata Ace Steel Container is inclusive of the complete body. You need not worry about overbearing costs that might come looming as extra charges after you’ve purchased the truck.

Best-in-class warranty:

Since the truck has heavy usage across different sectors, the truck comes with a 2 year warranty along with a 1 year warranty on the body.

Customer first vehicles:

The Tata Ace Steel Container is probably a one of its kind to have been built based on actual consumer inputs. The mini truck was put together after a thorough research about the requirements of the actual users and consumers across different sectors.

Quality assurance:

The containers are put through several quality checks and tests before they are sold to the consumers. This ensures there are minimum complaints and accidents. Since they have to undergo stringent testing and checking procedures, one can be rest assured about the quality and performance of the containers.

The Tata Ace Container is extremely suitable for last mile and intercity transportation of goods. The design of the truck is optimised to provide better stability and easy manoeuvrability through the narrowest of lanes with absolute ease.

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