Here's Everything you Need to Know About Ace Mahotsav by Tata Motors

Here’s Everything you Need to Know About Ace Mahotsav by Tata Motors

Tata Motors | Dec 14, 2021 10:11 am
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There’s a reason Tata Motors runs on every street, road and highway of the country. Tata Motors has always put its customers first and designed vehicles that not only met their demands but also surpassed their expectations.

Being a market leader, Tata Motors knows the pivotal role entrepreneurs, transporters and individual truck owners play in India’s supply chain ecosystem. To acknowledge their contribution to the country’s growth, Tata Motors is hosting a one-of-a-kind exhibition event called the Ace Mahotsav, across India. Through the event, Tata Motors wants to connect better with prospective customers and understand their business needs to serve them effectively. The event also presents an opportunity for Tata Motors to showcase their most loved and celebrated offering to the country - India’s most popular mini-truck which is at the heart of last-mile transport and promises huge employment opportunities with greater earning potential - the Tata Ace. The key highlight of this event is to keep the customer at the centre, with an opportunity to purchase this iconic truck under the ‘India ki Doosri Diwali’ campaign and win various gifts, including gold vouchers worth up to Rs 5 lacs.

Tata Ace was originally launched in 2005, and since then, it has evolved to suit the business needs of its diverse customer base. The truck is dearly referred to as the ‘Chota Hathi’ and has managed to pave its way into the hearts of 23 lakhs customers. It now goes by the name Tata Ace Gold, and comes in 4 variants - Ace Gold Diesel, Ace Gold Petrol, Ace Gold CNG, and Ace Gold Petrol Cx.

The Ace Mahotsav presents an opportunity for the Tata team to showcase the benefits of Tata Ace Trucks and introduce the new variant called, Diesel+. It has been added recently to the Tata Ace Gold family. The existing Ace Gold Diesel has been redesigned with superior technology, to create a model that is more suitable to the needs of today’s customers. At a price point of Rs. 5.68 lacs (ex-showroom price), Tata Ace Gold Diesel offers a high power of 14.7Kw, pickup of 45NM and gradeability of 27.5%, which means better load-carrying ability and better manoeuvrability at higher gradients. It has a simple 2-cylinder engine with a certified load-carrying capacity of 750 kg and comes with the robust leaf spring suspension. The new model is designed with superior BS6 technology to drive performance and profits with ease. There are a certain key added advantages that Tata Ace Gold Diesel+ brings to its customers:

Uptime +

The simple and superior technology in Diesel+ ensures higher vehicle uptime on road. This increases the number of trips and hence the revenues.

Mileage +

The simple technology also ensures higher fuel Efficiency in the Diesel+. The customers can get up to 22-23 kmpl which ensures a low running cost of the vehicle.

Earnings +

The customers can run more trips due to the significantly higher operating reliability of Diesel +. Added with higher mileage, this ensures more earning and hence more business growth

Apart from these advantages, the Ace Gold Diesel+ being a Tata product offers a range of value-added services as mentioned below:

- 3 Years/75000 Kms Freedom Platinum AMC

With the freedom platinum of Tata Motors, customers get a 3 year or 75,000 kms (whichever is earlier) annual maintenance contract that allows complimentary engine oil check and top-up at every 5,000 kms. Adding to this is the brake functioning check, front and rear brake pad wear, brake pedal travel and effort at 5000 kms and more. All this at just Rs 40/month.

- Uptime Guarantee

Staying committed to customers, for the first time in the SCV segment in India, Tata Motors brings the guaranteed uptime with this variant. This makes the truck free from any breakdown for 15,000 km or 6 months (whichever is less). If the truck fails to deliver on the promise, the customers are assured with a compensation of Rs. 1,000 per breakdown.

- Service Guarantee

Customers can get back the vehicle within 24 hours from the workshop for any type of repair – no exclusion — and this comes with a promise of compensation of Rs 1000 per day if the truck stays at the workshop for more than 24 hours.

Tata Ace Gold Diesel+ is all ready to boost the business of Indian transport entrepreneurs by keeping their operating expenses low and earning capacity high. Just like other Tata Motors vehicles, it is secured under the Sampoorna Seva 2.0 initiative wherein one can avail Tata Motors’ value-added services like Tata Alert, Tata Zippy, Tata Kavach and Tata Samarth which facilitate quick repairs, efficient servicing, hassle-free insurance and driver welfare.

Tata Ace Gold Diesel+ gives businesses the ‘Plus’ it deserves, along with the assurance and reliability that comes only with the name of India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacture, Tata Motors. To book an Ace Tata Ace Gold Diesel+, visit the Tata Motors CV sales platform anytime, anywhere.

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