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Go the distance with better mileage on your Tata Ace!

Tata Motors | Jul 13, 2018 11:27 am
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Ever since its launch, the Tata Ace has been looked upon with wonder as a game changer; a class unto itself in terms of its value to the industry as against its price. It’s a sturdy work horse of a mini-truck and comes in a large number of variants catering to different uses.

Mileage is an extremely vital parameter on which any commercial vehicle is judged, and the Tata Ace doesn’t disappoint! From its smallest model to its largest, the Tata Ace comes with voluminous fuel tanks and mileage guaranteed to take you places with complete ease of mind.

The Tata Ace base models with 30L fuel tanks and an average mileage of 21-22 Km/*L while the CNG variant gives you a 21 Km per kilo.

The Tata SuperAce Mint is the mammoth of the Ace family, with an 8.6 ft. load body ideal for transporting large large/heavy goods within the city. It has a massive fuel tank of 38L and gives you a mileage of 17.9Km/L*.

The Tata Ace Mega is a small yet powerful pickup featuring a 7 ft. long loading bay and a 5-speed gearbox with SMART calibration that maximizes fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. It has a 30L fuel tank and gives you mileage of 21.4 Km/L*.

With their 5.5ft. and 5.3 ft. loading bays, the Ace Zip and Zip CNG are the smallest of the Ace Variants. However, they pack a mean punch on the mileage meter, clocking in 36 Km per unit of fuel*.

The Tata Ace Zip XL is larger than the Ace Zip but smaller than other models of the Ace series. It has a 6.3ft loading bay, and a 10L fuel tank that gives you a whopping 33.8 Km/L*. The ideal, zippy city vehicle!

And finally, the newly launched Tata Ace XL and Tata Ace Mega XL both come with 30L fuel tanks and best in class mileage.

Of course mileage always varies depending on several factors such as the driver’s driving habits, road conditions, weather conditions and the general state of the vehicle’s maintenance. But all said and done, it is safe to say that the Tata Ace series will give you great mileage and allow you to go about your business with total ease of mind!

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