Enhanced Service Delight with the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus

Enhanced Service Delight with the Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus

Tata Motors | Sep 24, 2021 7:01 am
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The All-New Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus comes in a new age of Mileage+, Uptime+ and Earnings+ with superior technology for high mileage, low maintenance and performance that boosts earnings.

What makes it even better, are the value added services you get upon purchase, that completely eliminate the hassles of maintenance!

Introducing Freedom Platinum AMC!!!

At just Rs. 40 per month, you access a 3 year/75,000 km Freedom Platinum AMC, with benefits such as fixed nominal cash outflow and no other cost or administrative overheads, priority service at dealer workshops & TASS, hassle-free and top quality maintenance with timely service reminders, protection from spare and projected consumable price increases, as well as a higher resale value at the end of the three year period.

Uptime Guarantee

For the very first time in the small commercial vehicle category, you can get an Uptime Guarantee. Which means from the date of sale, you get a commitment of No Breakdown up to 15,000 km or 6 months, whichever comes earlier.

During this period, if you face a breakdown, you will be eligible for a compensation of Rs.1000 per breakdown. This is Tata Motors’ commitment to you.

Workshop TAT Guarantee

No matter the type of repair work required for your Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus, under Freedom Platinum AMC, you get the benefit of 24-hour fixing.

If your vehicle is stranded at a workshop for longer, you are eligible for a compensation of Rs.1000 per extra day. This is yet another groundbreaking service in the small commercial vehicle category, offered only by Tata Motors.

Complimentary Offerings

Make the most of complimentary offerings such as free Engine Oil Check and Top up at every 5,000 kms up to the AMC duration. Get your brake functioning, front and rear brake pad wear, brake pedal travel and effort also at every 5000 kms, as well as the clutch pedal height.

Gear shifting including engagement, disengagement, check for clutch noise, vibration and torque transmission and replacing appropriate components if found defective, is offered at 25,000 kms. These are all significantly sooner than the standard check times, all so that your vehicle can be at top notch condition, on the roads for as long as possible.

With all your maintenance worries looked after by Tata Motors, you can rest easy and let your Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus work hard for you and take your profits to destinations of greater success.

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