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Tata Motors pioneered the Small Commercial Vehicles segment in India with the successful launch of Tata Ace in 2005. Since then, Tata Ace has helped write over 22 Lakh successful stories - providing great social and economic benefits to its customers all over the country. With its growing popularity among small and large entrepreneurs alike, Tata Ace soon came to be known as Chhota Haathi.

In 2018, the successor of Tata Ace - Tata Ace Gold - was launched. It carried forward the legacy of the iconic Tata Ace - its unique benefits and advantages of being the most versatile Small Commercial Vehicle - and continues to provide the best operating economics and highest earning capacity to its customers.

The Tata Ace Mega is powered by a 4th generation DICOR engine that is capable of churning out a power of 30 kW and achieving a peak torque of 100 Nm. The compact yet powerful pickup comes with a massive payload capacity of 1,030 kgs. A 5-speed gearbox with SMART calibration maximizes fuel efficiency without compromising on vehicular performance, and a 30% gradeability combined with 14 inch radial tube tyres ensures that the truck can traverse challenging terrains with ease.

The Tata Ace Zip Gold was launched in 2010 after the success of Tata Ace - popularly known as Chhota Haathi. Although, smaller than its former cousin, the Tata Ace Zip Gold was capable of delivering unbeatable performance. The micro truck comes with a payload capacity of 600 kg and an incredible turning radius of 3500 mm - addressing common issues like manoeuvrability in narrow lanes and through heavy traffic. A 611 cm3 water cooled engine helps you bid adieu to problems like engine overheating and breakdowns. With its great performance and unbelievable features, the Tata Ace Zip lives up to the promise of durability and performance - making it a sound investment for your business.

The Tata Super Ace Mint is a stylish, comfortable last mile cargo mover. It is powered by a 4 cylinder engine that generates a 52.2 kW power, a torque of 140 Nm and a high gradeability of 47%, making it an ideal vehicle to negotiate all types of terrains. The A/C cabin and car-like interiors provide for a comfortable driving experience. The contemporary design and long load body make it a suitable choice for inter-city transportation of voluminous goods,and other applications where turnaround time is extremely crucial.

Tata Ace XL was launched in 2017 following the success of the iconic Tata Ace. Having inherited a majority of it's predecessor - the Ace's - award winning features, the Tata Ace XL has also carved a name for itself as a durable, reliable and trustworthy commercial vehicle.

The difference lies in the size and load capacity of the two vehicles. The Ace XL comes with a 15% longer load body and a wider door opening angle for easy ingress and egress. Additionally, it also has features like an ergonomic steering wheel, digital clock and mobile charger, an instrument cluster and space provision for a music system.

Launched in 2017, the Tata Ace Zip XL is the successor of the popular Tata Ace Zip that was introduced in 2010. The mini truck comes with a 15% longer load body than its predecessor. It also boasts of an enhanced torque for better pick up, improved mileage, best-in-class gradeability, and a great turning circle radius.

The Ace Zip XL promises better profits than most single cylinder engine mini trucks.

The Ace Mega XL is a relatively new offering in the small commercial vehicle category. It is powered by a 2-cylinder, 800cc common rail engine that delivers a best-in-class combination of 30 kW (40 HP) power and a torque of 100 Nm. A 30% gradeability ensures easy manoeuvrability even on tough, challenging terrains. The reinforced load body, strong chassis frame and rugged axles ensure high load carrying capacity and provide better earnings to the owner, and its versatile body makes it a suitable choice for both urban as well as rural roads.

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*Terms & conditions

Special Finance scheme of 0.99% for 3 years and 2.99% for 4 years. Interest savings under special finance scheme. Customer can opt either for the consumer scheme or the special finance scheme

*The Special financing scheme is applicable on all Ace Diesel variants: Ace HT, Ace Gold, Ace XL & Ace EX (Including cab chassis, high deck and container variants)