Whatever the load there is an ACE to your success

Tata Ace
  • Tata Ace


    Power - 12 Hp
    Payload-600 Kg
    Load body- 1685mm (5.5ft)

  • Tata Ace

    ZIP XL

    Power - 12.47Hp
    Payload-600 kg
    Load body- 1927 mm (6.3 ft)

  • Tata Ace


    Power - 16HP
    Payload- 710 KG
    Load body- mm(7.2ft)

  • Tata Ace

    ACE XL

    Power - 16Hp
    Payload- 710 Kg
    Load body- 2520mm( 8.2ft)

  • Tata Ace


    Power - 40Hp
    Payload-1030 Kg
    Load body- mm(7.2 ft)

  • Tata Ace


    Power - 40Hp
    Payload- 1030Kg
    Load body -2520mm( 8.2ft)

  • Tata Ace

    Super Ace Mint

    Power - 70Hp
    Load body- 2630mm(8.7ft)

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The Wheels of Fortune More Than 16 lakhs
lives transformed

About us

Being India's only fully range manufacturer of automobiles Tata Motors worked towards a small 4-wheeled mini truck to improve transportation solutions. The project aimed at offering superior safety, versatile performance in varied conditions, ease-of-maintenance, style, comfort and cost-effectiveness, in a way not experienced by the small cargo vehicles owner.

  • Launched @2005

  • Reached30,000+sales in first year

  • 10lakhACE customers by 2012

  • Available20+Countries